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Ena Nicholson


This is the seventh meeting of the series. Whereas most conferences focus on a single theme, CALL's explore the interchanges. The format is specifically designed for relaxed interaction. Mornings are oral sessions in specific areas with coffee break to lunch. Afternoons are for walking, hiking, discussions, etc. After dinner, the evening session of longer talks and discussions by leaders of their fields. All presentations are invited. General submissions are scheduled as posters. To keep costs down there will be no general mailings.  If you wish to receive information by post, please let the chair know.



Conference starts Sunday evening with the Chair's Session. Each weekday starts with a Plenary, then the host diverges into four focused sessions. After lunch, the afternoon is free for walking, hiking, discussions and explanations. The poster session commences 4:30 p.m. The evening session commences at 7:30 p.m. to the entire audience.

Note all oral presentations are invited. There are still a number of slots open.  Contact the Chair if you wish to be considered for an invitation.

Conference Chair
Dianne Rekow, New York University
Biomaterials SubCommittee  
Ken Sandhage (Leader)
Van Thompson
Helmut Coelfen (European Rep)
Masayuki Okasaki (Asian Rep)
Chikara Ohtsuki
Functional Materials SubCommittee  
Jennifer Lewis (Leader)
Harry Tuller
Ned Thomas
Phillipe Knauth (European Rep)
Nobuhito Imanaka (Asian Rep)
Hitoshi Takamura
Tetsuo Uchikoshi
Anka Weidenkaff
David Payne
Structural Materials SubCommittee  
John Lewandowski (Leader),  or
Rob Ritchie
David Marshall
Alan Windle (European Rep)
Robert Young
Joe Bringley